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My name is Retno, I am the creator and owner of this website. Formerly I have full time job as a secretary in a mining company, but since the company I work for had to down size about half of the employees, then I was included. But that was okay because I can pursue another interest. However, I still take part time secretarial jobs every now and then. I like to eat and cooking what a good combination. I am not an expert in cooking but I like trying out new recipes especially dessert, I have a sweet tooth.
The reason I make this website is that I want to share with others that have the same interest like me. I like cheesecake very much it soft, sweet and delicious, especially chocolate cheesecake, but the price of a good chocolate cheesecake in the market nowadays is sometime shocking. Based on that experience it made me to do some research on cheesecake. Then I found out that making cheesecake is so easy, anyone can make chocolate cheesecake at home. It is more economical and can be made according to your taste. In this website I only share what I know on the tips and tricks of making a cheesecake. I hope this website can be of any use to you and if there is any question regarding the content please do not hesitate to contact me in the following address and email:
Retno Yudiastuti
Jalan Mimosa V/K6
Perumahan Buncit Indah
Pejaten Barat
Jakarta 12510, Indonesia

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