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How To Get A Chocolate Cheesecake?


It is no doubt that Chocolate cheesecake is everyone’s favorite cheesecake of all time; even just by thinking of it makes the mouth water.  The soft and creamy texture will fulfill anyone especially after a long day.  It might not be cheap (the price may vary from one store to another), with loads of calories; however, these sins are paid off with its scrumptiousness.  The combination of salty and sweet tastes makes it pleasant to the tongue, along with the aroma in a slice of Chocolate cheesecake.

How To Get A Chocolate cheesecake? The simple solution is to purchase, there are a variety of Chocolate cheesecakes in the market to choose from, or you can make it yourself at home.  It is fun to make Chocolate cheesecake and also very rewarding.


Make Chocolate cheesecake

Making a Chocolate cheesecake yourself, why not?  It is more economical and can be given as a gift to loved ones. Do not think that this is a kind of delicacy that can only be made by a professional chef.  Making a Chocolate cheesecake is not as difficult as some people might think. To make a good Chocolate cheesecake, it consists of three basic components, which are chocolate crust or base of the cake, the chocolate cheese filling and the chocolate topping. 

Basically there are two ways to make a Chocolate cheesecake, baked and chilled. The baked ones are made using an oven and have a more authentic taste, while chilled cheesecake is way simpler as it only utilizes mixing and refrigerating.

The Ingredients

The main ingredient of a cheesecake is obviously lots and lots of good quality, soft, and fresh cheese, those include are ricotta, mascarpone, cottage cheese, cream cheese and many more. Other ingredients are double/light whip cream, sour cream, sugar, eggs, and a little bit of flour as a medium to mix. Nuts, dried fruits and chocolate or coffee are also needed for flavor and decoration. Gelatin is also needed for chilled Chocolate cheesecake, but not for baked ones.

The Base or Crust

Cheesecake consists of soft and tender ingredients, and so to make it steady it needs something to hold on, this is what we call base or crust. The Chocolate cheesecake crust or base can be made by using almost any cookie or cracker, crushed manually or using other devices. Mix the crumbs with melted butter, and then spread it at the base of the pan while pressing firmly but evenly. To make it really firm, you can either put in the refrigerator or bake it for 15 minutes and let it cool completely before pouring the batter.  Other cheesecake bases that could be incorporated are short crust and genoise sponge cake.

The Baking Pan

It is recommended to use spring-form cake pan to make Chocolate cheesecake, as the cheesecake texture is very soft and fragile so we cannot unmold it by turning it over. Cutter (bottomless) or Pastry cutter can be used for chilled cheesecake. This pastry cutter is available in small sizes and has variety in forms.

The Method

All the Chocolate cheesecake ingredients must be at room temperature before mixing, they should be put out of the fridge at least one hour before baking.  Cream cheese should be mixed first followed by sugar until it is creamy, then the other ingredients.  Fold the mixture gently, not too over mix to get the best result.

Although it can be baked like any other cake, but apparently the waterbath method works the best. To bake it in a waterbath, wrap the bottom up to the sides of spring-form pan with a heavy duty aluminum foil two or three times to prevent the water seeped into the cheesecake. The baking pan containing cheesecake batter should be put in a larger size pan for example a roasting pan, place it in the oven and then pour hot water in the larger pan up to 1 or 2 inches encircling the cheesecake batter.  This baking method guarantees a soft, smooth and moist texture.

Turn off your oven while the Chocolate cheesecake still jiggly or slightly wet in the center, remove the cheesecake pan immediately from the oven and waterbath, cool on a wire rack. After 10 minutes run a knife around the edge of the pan to loosen, leave the cheesecake to stand at room temperature until it is really cool before refrigerating.

The Topping

For the Chocolate cheesecake, the most commonly used topping is chocolate, whether fine shreds or in curly shapes. Other topping that makes it look great is a Ganache, a smooth and shiny layer of chocolate topping made from a mixture of cream and chocolate it is a perfect addition to the Chocolate cheesecake. After spreading the topping on the cheesecake, refrigerate until set, for several hours preferably overnight before cutting to serve.

To loosen the Chocolate cheesecake from the tin require patience, although we are using spring-form pan, it usually sticks to sides of the pan, you can insert a thin knife along the edges or use a hairdryer to warm the tin from the outside and bottom. It takes a few minutes then gently open the fastener to remove the cake from the tin. To cut the Chocolate cheesecake use a hot knife (dip a knife in a glass of hot water and towel dry it before cutting).

Based on the easy explanation and details above, there are no excuses not to make Chocolate cheesecake at home now.

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